“The Weapon of the Poor”… Brings Back the Time of Clashes in Jerusalem and Brings Back the Glory of “Imad Aqel”

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The clash in Jerusalem, which was carried out by the martyr Fadi Abu Shkhaydam near Bab al-Silsila in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, in which a settler was killed and 3 others wounded, brings the “carlo” weapon back to the fore, a simple, primitive weapon that represents a “legacy” of a long history of Palestinian resistance operations. against the Israeli occupation.

The “Carlo” weapon used by the martyr Fadi Abu Shkhedem

What is the “Carlo” weapon?

The “Carl Gustav” rifle was modified by the Palestinian resistance members to become a new weapon they called “Carlo”, to change with this amendment the rules of engagement with the Israeli occupation, which witnessed through its stages an evolution in the weapon used; Starting with the stone and the knife down to the missile.

The “Carlo” weapon is one of the most prominent stages of the development of Palestinian weapons in the history of the conflict with Israel, and it appeared strongly during the operations against the Israeli army in the first (1987) and second (2000) intifadas, especially after it was developed locally, to suit the needs of the Palestinian resistance.

The “Carlo” is a primitive automatic weapon manufactured by Palestinian hands. It was used in most of the commando operations inside the occupied territories, despite its limited accuracy, range and cheap price, which enabled all members of the resistance to carry and use it.

The “Carlo”, or “the weapon of the poor” as the Palestinians call it, was able to maintain its success and presence in the arena of the years of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; Because it does not require a lot of knowledge in the machines and techniques to produce it.

Carlo’s weapon model

Historically and Palestinian

The “Carlo” in its Palestinian-modified version, derives its name from the “Carl Gustaf” (m/45) rifle, which was used by the Swedish army in 1945 for 20 years, and was also used by the American army in the “Vietnam War”; Because of its high advantage in close combat.

In Palestine, the manufacturing units of the armed Palestinian resistance arms were able to modify the weapon and turn it into a smaller size, after it weighed 4 kilograms, and it was now able to use the bullets used in 9 mm pistols, which are abundant in the occupied West Bank.

The “Carlo” weapon appeared in the shootings, most notably of the martyr Imad Aqel, especially during the first Palestinian intifada. On May 4, 1992, Akel used the Carlo rifle against the Israeli police chief in the Gaza Strip, General Yosef Avnibagd.

Martyr Imad Aqel carrying a “Carlo” weapon

Similar to Aql, Palestinian guerrillas used it in several specific operations; Including the one that took place in a shopping center near the Israeli Ministry of the Army in central Tel Aviv, on June 8, 2016, which led to the killing of 4 Israelis and the wounding of 6, and was carried out by the two young men, Muhammad and Khaled Makhamra, from the town of Yatta in the Hebron District.

In the second Palestinian intifada in 2000, the use of the modified “carlo” was rare, due to the availability of other types of weapons, which achieved stronger results, in addition to the large margin of failure caused to the weapon as a result of its use, but it reappeared again in the third intifada (Jerusalem Intifada, October 2015). Because of harassment and persecution by the Israeli occupation forces.


The “Carlo” is characterized by its light weight, which does not exceed two kilograms, and it is considered a machine gun, as it accommodates 30 bullets inside its store, which can be fired at once, according to the American newspaper, “News Week”.

The manufacture of this weapon does not require great effort or strong capabilities, it only needs a piezo punch (an essential component), some welding equipment, and a little information about the manufacture that can be obtained from the Internet.

Commenting on the weapon, the newspaper says: “It constitutes a real threat.”

The mechanics of using the weapon is relatively simple, as it begins with the firing of bullets, which leads to an explosion that pushes the bolt of the weapon back, and this in turn ejects the spent bullet cartridge and automatically fills the new bullets in the gun store.

“Carlo” is also characterized by the inability to track it; Because it does not contain a serial number, unlike other light weapons, but it is disadvantaged by the inability to snipe at long distances, and the ease of bullets falling if the weapon falls to the ground.

quality operations

The “Carlo” was present in several qualitative operations, such as Operation Dizengoff, which was carried out by the martyr Nashat Melhem, and the Jerusalem operation carried out by the martyr Fuad Abu Rajab al-Tamimi, and the Hebron operation carried out by the two martyrs Qassem Farid Jaber and Amir Fouad al-Juneidi, and the “Bab al-Amoud” operation which was carried out by him. The three young men, Ahmed Najeh Abu Al-Rub, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Kamil and Ahmed Zakarneh.

In addition to these operations, the Tel Aviv operation carried out by cousins ​​Muhammad and Khaled Makhamra in the heart of Tel Aviv, in June 2016, in which four Zionists were killed, and several others were wounded, in a shooting attack carried out by the two young men, in the “Sharona” commercial complex in the heart of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, central occupied Palestine.

A commando operation also took place, on July 15, in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, carried out by 3 Palestinian youths from the same family, using a “carlo” weapon and another pistol, which led to the martyrdom of the perpetrators and the killing of 2 Israeli policemen.

Who prevents the Palestinians from “Carlo”?

Zionist writer Goda Ari Gross says in an article published in the “Times of Israel” newspaper, “The Palestinian Carlo is capable of causing chaos and death.”

“It is almost impossible to prevent the Palestinians from manufacturing the carlo, which poses a real threat to the security of the Israelis,” he added.

According to observers, The new generation of West Bank youth does not need much effort to promote anxiety and fear in the occupation. After the “knife,” the “carlo” weapon has become a dream for young people, as its price in the local market does not exceed 250 dollars only.

Young people in the occupied West Bank resort to using this weapon to confront the occupation and respond to the violations of its army and settlers, in light of the intensive security pursuits carried out by the Israeli army and the Palestinian Authority security forces against the resistance fighters.

Despite the almost daily arrest campaigns, confiscation of what the Zionist army says are primitive weapons from citizens’ homes, and raids on blacksmith workshops in the West Bank and Jerusalem, which are accused of manufacturing this weapon, its efforts to stop the manufacture of “carlo” have failed.

shooting star

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