In joint efforts with Qatar… the rescue of 7 Turks who had been detained in Libya for two years

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publish date 2021-11-21 13:55:32

The Compass – With joint efforts between the Turkish and Qatari intelligence services, 7 Turkish citizens, who had been detained in eastern Libya for nearly two years due to baseless allegations, were rescued.

And according to what Turkish private sources told Anadolu Agency, the efforts made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Turkish Intelligence Service for a long time have been crowned with success.

As a result of these efforts, the citizens Ilker Saghlik, Dogan Qissa, Nureddin Çalek, Khalil Ghozal, Ahmed Salwi, Hedayat Yabraq and Abdussamad Akcayi, most of whom work in the restaurant sector, were rescued.

As a result of the efforts contributed by the Qatari intelligence service, the return of Turkish citizens to their country was secured.

The sources stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke by phone with the citizens after their return to Turkey, and expressed his best wishes to them and congratulated them on their safe return.

In turn, the citizens expressed their thanks to President Erdogan for their country’s great interest in saving them.

President Erdoğan also expressed his thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to the return of citizens to the country.


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