A second night of riots in the Netherlands against the background of anti-Corona restrictions

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publish date 2021-11-21 09:29:41

The Compass – Demonstrations opposed to anti-Corona restrictions Saturday in the Netherlands turned into riots for a second night, especially in The Hague, where a number of policemen were injured in clashes with demonstrators, a day after violence in Rotterdam (southwest).

In The Hague, which includes the seat of the Dutch government, police in riot gear clashed with groups of protesters who threw stones and various objects at them in a popular neighbourhood.

Police used water cannons to put out the flames that were set on bicycles at a busy intersection. Five policemen were injured and at least seven people were arrested.

Violence also erupted in the small Protestant city of Urk in the center of the country, and in several areas in the province of Limburg (south).

Two football matches were also suspended for several minutes in Alkmaar (west) and Almelo (east) by fans frustrated with the measures imposed in the context of curbing Corona, according to local media.

On Friday, a demonstration turned into a riot in the center of Rotterdam, which led to the injury of three demonstrators by police fire and the arrest of 51 people.

Last week, the Netherlands re-imposed a partial closure to deal with the outbreak of Corona cases, and took a set of health restrictions that especially affect the restaurant sector, which must end its business by eight in the evening.

The government is now seeking to prevent unvaccinated people from entering some places, especially restaurants, in an attempt to stop the wave of infections, at a time when the country recorded more than 21,000 new cases of corona on Friday.

“People are protesting against the closure” and to allow only restaurants and those recovering from Covid to enter some public places, Ferdi Yilmaz, owner of a pizza restaurant in The Hague, told AFP.

“They are angry,” he added, accusing the police of dragging several people out of his shop, breaking the glass of his front door and hitting him on the hand “for no reason.”

Several people were stopped by police in the popular district of Childersvik in The Hague, where AFP journalists saw plainclothes police pulling a woman out of a car.

The Hague Police said in a statement that five policemen were injured, one of whom was taken to hospital with a concussion, while two suffered hearing damage from the noise of fireworks.

The police added that an ambulance carrying a patient had its window smashed due to stones being thrown.

The demonstrations began on Saturday quietly in several cities in the country, such as Amsterdam and Breda (south), where a thousand people marched carrying banners saying “No to the closure.”

An AFP journalist pointed out that the demonstration in Breda took a festive character, as the participants danced in the presence of DJs.

“People want to live (…) and that’s why we’re here,” one of the organizers, Just Ayras, told AFP. “We are not rioters,” he added. Here we are in peace,” he said, distancing himself from the chaos that had erupted the night before in Rotterdam.

The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, described what happened Friday as a “wave of violence.”

“Three rioters were shot and are still in hospital,” Dutch police said, adding that an investigation would be conducted to determine whether their injuries were caused by police bullets.


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