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This Sunday evening, the excitement and rivalry between the two poles of Jordanian football, Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly, is renewed in a derby that has its own privacy and different circumstances from all the previous “derbies”, for many reasons that we will present in this analysis and reading of the “Akhbar Al-Jordan” electronic newspaper.

Today’s confrontation in the semi-finals of the Jordan Cup goes beyond the limits of the traditional match to an area that almost touches the importance and size of a tournament in itself. The genie led by Abdullah Abu Zama looks at it with the same view that the Brigadier General led by Mahmoud Al-Hadid, it “simply” is an opportunity that will not be repeated to compensate for an entire season. And coming out with the title “Heal the Breasts” with the weight of the cup championship, which ranks second in terms of its importance after the league title that Ramtha snatched after an absence of about 38 years.

legitimate goals

Al-Wehdat wants this confrontation to confirm his sway over Al-Faisaly, by winning the sixth in the last 6 confrontations between them in various tournaments. On the other hand, Al-Faisaly wants it to begin to end this sway, and open a new account between them at the level of confrontations.

Today’s confrontation is not far from another technical confrontation on the sides of Amman International Stadium, between the national coaches Abu Zama’ in Al-Wehdat, and Al-Hadid in Al-Faisaly. They are rich in extensive experience and training.

On the other hand, if Al-Wehdat manages to win and overtake Al-Faisaly and then reach the final of the tournament and win, it will be his second title this season after the Cup Winners’ Cup, which he achieved at the expense of Al-Jazira, after losing the Shield title against Al-Jalil.

While the cup title for Al-Faisaly, if he wins over Al-Wehdat, crosses to the final and wins it, will be his first title this season. Otherwise, Al-Faisaly will leave the season “without a championship.”

Challenge match

National coach Bilal Al-Lahham described in his speech to the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan” today’s meeting with the “Challenge” match, indicating that the two poles match are not subject to any considerations and its outcome is difficult to predict.

In his analysis of describing it as the challenge match, Al-Lahham referred to this description, as it represents a real opportunity to compensate for a full season for two large teams the size of Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly, and the value it represents for Jordanian football.

Al-Lahham believes that the two teams are under pressure due to the “weight” of the match, especially as it is a match that has a special public follow-up, and hence the importance of psychological dealing with it by the technical and administrative staff.

Season compensation

National coach Dian Saleh agreed, Laham’s opinion, regarding describing a match as “historic” because it was a “compensation” for an entire season for the poles, indicating that its calculations are not easy. Who announced almost from the middle of the second leg that he had his eye on the cup after losing the competition for the league.

And Saleh continued, in his speech to the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan”: “It is not possible to predict the outcome of this meeting, as the two teams have many stars and names, and their common goal is that this match is a step towards the cup, as it is known that Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly rarely lose finals against other players. The teams, by virtue of experience and the ability to deal with such matches.”

psychological atmosphere

Saleh stressed the importance of motivation and psychological preparation for today’s match, indicating that the technical and administrative staff of the units succeeded in removing their players from the atmosphere of the league’s loss by looking forward to the cup title, as well as Al-Faisaly, whose psychological readiness of his players is present, saying that the cup title is our chance to compensate.

On the other hand, Croatian coach, Dragan Talac, who previously coached the two poles, said that today’s match has its own peculiarity in Jordanian football, and therefore it is difficult to predict the outcome of their match.

However, Dragan believes, in previous statements to the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that according to some of their current conditions, Al-Wehdat is in a better position, and the conditions for him in the club are more stable than they are with Al-Faisaly. in the derby.

It is noteworthy that Al-Faisaly is considered the most crowned champion with 20 titles, while Al-Wehdat has 10 titles in the tournament.

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