The worst 4 towers in the director’s chair.. the lion does not hear anyone, and the capricorn does not visit

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The basis of the success of any work team is the presence of an intelligent leader who believes in the idea of ​​teamwork and helps his team members to succeed and progress, increases their self-confidence and rewards them upon their success and other qualities that help in the success of any work team and thus the success of the entire organization, but some business leaders are characterized by the opposite of these These traits even make their team members feel frustrated and hopeless, causing the team to decline and consequently the loss of the institution.timesofindia“.

The worst 4 towers in the position of director

Aquarius..doesn’t care about the human side

Aquarius is considered one of the worst people in the leadership position, although he has great capabilities that qualify him for leadership, as he is able to invent new and different concepts, but their problem is their thinking completely differently from others, and he does not care about the human side of his team members in his work, so he One of the worst business leaders.

Leo..no one listens

Leo is considered a controlling leader and considers his criticism of his work as an insult to him, and his self-confidence, which reaches the point of vanity, makes him not listen to the opinions of any of his team members, so he is considered one of the worst bosses.

Pisces… his passion that drives him

Pisces cannot manage a group of people, because he does not have leadership qualities, as he pushes him to work and progress is his passion, which in the event of his loss stops working, and spoils the project he runs.

Capricorn..does not believe in development and creativity

Capricorn follows the old schools of management, so it does not listen to new and different ideas and does not invent any ideas, so it causes the decline of his project that he manages, and his team frustrates him, so he is considered one of the worst bosses.

bad manager
manager slander employee
manager slander employee


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