Instagram adds a “jitter shake” feature and allows the ability to delete photos

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publish date 2021-11-20 12:24:19

Instagram announced this week that it will introduce two new features to improve the experience of its users.

The first feature is called “Anger Shake”, which allows users to report any issue that annoys and angers them more quickly, by just shaking the smartphone.

For example, if the “Instagram” application is not working normally, when you shake the phone, a pop-up screen will appear asking the user: “Did something go wrong?”, attached to a space to write the details of the problem, according to what the head of “Instagram”, Adam Mosseri, stated, Via his Twitter account.

As for the other new feature that was launched on “Instagram”, last Wednesday, it is the ability of users to finally delete one image from a group of consecutive images, in the event that it was published by mistake or the owner retracted its publication.

Mosseri noted that the feature is “something users have been asking for and the company has finally been able to deliver.”

With this feature, Instagram users now have the ability to delete a single photo or video from a photo gallery.

The feature of deleting a photo or video from a photo gallery is available on the “Instagram” application on iPhone phones, and the “Rage Shake” feature is available to all users in America.

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