A study reveals the secret of the relationship of grandmothers with their grandchildren

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publish date 2021-11-20 12:24:11

A new American study revealed that grandmothers have a strong instinct to protect their grandchildren, and biological components that make them cling to them.

According to the American magazine “The Royal Society Polishing”, researchers from Emory University in Georgia, USA, conducted a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) analysis of the brains of 50 grandmothers who were shown pictures of their grandchildren, whose ages ranged between three and 12 years.

The lead author of the study, anthropologist and neuroscientist James Rilling, explained that the grandmothers “actually felt what their grandson in the picture seemed to feel. empathy, and other parts of the movement.”
Conversely, when the grandmothers viewed pictures of their adult children, the researchers observed intense activity in areas related to perceptual association, such as seeking to understand what their children were thinking or feeling and why, without much emotional interaction, meaning that the mind prevails in this case.

These results can be linked in part, according to James Rilling, to the likable shape of children, a scientifically known phenomenon in which humans share with a number of organisms, and that would provoke a response related to protection.
James Rilling, who had previously conducted research on fathers, wanted to focus on grandmothers to explore a theory in anthropology known as the “grandmother’s hypothesis”.

According to this theory, evolution made women live a lot and for a long time after losing the ability to have children so that they can take care of subsequent generations.

The researcher explained that it is “the first time that (this aspect) has been studied in the grandmothers’ brains”, as studies conducted on their brains are often related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
The grandmothers in the study hailed from the Atlanta region, Georgia, and came from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.

In comparison to the results of the study on fathers, James Rilling noted that areas associated with emotional empathy were generally activated most intensely in the brains of grandmothers.

He noted that a number of them “end up revealing that they enjoy being grandmothers more than mothers.”

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