A morning habit that helps you lose weight

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Losing weight is not easy, but a simple morning habit that includes lemon can help you shed fat and lose extra pounds.
And while there is no magic bullet for weight loss, many people recommend drinking lemon water in the morning. All you have to do is drink water mixed with lemon every morning and you will lose the extra weight over time.

The Express spoke with nutrition therapist J. Hamilton to find out if this easy morning habit might actually help you shed the extra pounds.
“Not only is lemon water a delicious alternative to regular tap water, it can be the key to maintaining a healthy weight or losing extra pounds,” says Hamilton. “Lemon water helps you stay hydrated which is very important for weight loss.”

Several studies have shown that drinking more water before meals promotes satiety and fullness and reduces food cravings, and as a result, fewer calories are likely to be consumed, leading to weight loss. And you can drink this refreshing drink throughout the day to increase the effect.

“If you drink lemon water instead of soft drinks and fruit juices, you are more likely to lose weight because your calories are much lower,” the nutritionist added.
The expert says that lemon water has the same effects whether you drink it in the morning or before bed at night. However, she cautioned, “if you drink it at night it may disrupt your sleep, so it’s best to drink enough water early in the day.”
You can use as much lemon as you want to make lemon water, but most people usually use half a whole lemon in one cup of water, and you can use warm or cold water depending on your preference.
Weight loss is not the only benefit of drinking lemon water, as research indicates that lemon water aids digestion. Smooth digestion of food through the digestive system.
Additionally, the citric acid in lemon juice may help protect liver function and neutralize oxidative stress that supports the body’s detoxification processes.

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