A British woman gave up her job to work inside a “jar” in the circus and watch his shows for free

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British Jade Morgan gave up her job as a waitress to work in the circus inside a glass jar, that is, presses her super-flexible body into a vase, for 537 dollars a week, and the Sun newspaper reported that Morgan initially sacrificed her stable job to fulfill her dream and childhood passion for working in the circus and watching its shows for free daily.

Morgan traded serving drinks and juices for a circus of horror after she read a job advertisement for a person with a flexible body that could squeeze into a bottle like pickled veggies..

The advertisement stipulated that the applicant should be very flexible and not suffer from phobias in closed spaces or quickly bored, and in the interview, she had to pressure herself in a container that is 60 cm high, and only 45 cm wide, and the ambitious girl prepared for that difficult task by cramping herself in spaces Small at home, she started with the laundry basket, then the cupboards, until she was able to stuff herself in the washing machine.

“My childhood dream has been to work in a horror circus,” Morgan said, “and I finally got to communicate with them about getting the job.”.

“It was a little scary, but it gets easier with time, and it took me a lot of work, effort and practice at first,” she added..

She explained that it was wonderful that the owners of the cafe in which she was working agreed that she would continue working with them and give her extra time for the circus in appreciation of her talent. .

The girl and how she works in the circus


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