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The Works extends the completion period of Al-Hurriya Intersection until mid-2022

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publish date 2021-11-21 00:15:00

At a time when dozens of malls, shops and commercial complexes suffer losses in the millions due to the construction of Al-Hurriya Intersection in Al-Muqablain, the Ministry of Works decided to extend the period of its completion until June of next year 2022.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Works in October of 2019, the project, which came with a Gulf grant, ends its delivery after 18 months, that is, it is supposed to be completed in the month of 3 of this year, and with its extension to June, the delay has extended to another year and three months

A source told (Al-Rai): The project includes the construction of the longest suspension bridge on columns over the intersection of Al-Hurriya, and it is one of the largest bridges in the Kingdom, and its length reaches 1,300 meters, with the bridge and its shoulders on the two lanes designated for it.

The source added: The project faced many obstacles, most notably the allocation of a lane for the express bus, indicating that the project is considered a new type of construction, indicating that the drainage of water from the intersection tunnel to Abdoun Corridor will be through the construction of a large water ferry under the tunnel without the establishment of any water pumps. In the Marj Al-Hamam roundabout

Ahmed Salah, one of the managers working in one of the commercial complexes, expressed his anger at this closure, which caused dozens of owners of malls, complexes and shops to lose millions, including the stopping of one of the major malls next to the project and huge complexes and shops adjacent to the intersection square on both sides after the traffic of these shops was completely cut off

Salah called for expediting the opening of this project and putting pressure on the contractor to bring equipment and workers to finish it, which we expected to finish eight months ago.

Al-Rai I tried to get to photograph the bridge and its long extension, but it was not possible because of the bumpy road and its length and the mechanisms operating there

According to one of the engineers, road tenders in the majority are late for completion, including the intersection of Marj Al Hamam, Zarqa, Tabarbour and other projects in which traders suffer from economic death as a result of heavy losses.

He explains that delays occur, but not for long periods as a result of lack of supervision, as contractors resort to using a smaller number of working cadres, mechanisms and materials, stressing that it is not permissible for any road bid to be delayed for more than one month only.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing had announced the closure of the Ersal/Al-Hurriya intersection for traffic coming from the intersection of Naour Bridge and Al-Quds Street and vice versa on Friday October of 2019 for traffic coming from Al-Hurriya Street towards Naour Bridge and vice versa, and the traffic coming from Corridor Abdoun to Al-Hurriya Street. For the purposes of creating a new transmission intersection in the two interviews

The ministry’s statement at the time stated that construction work would begin on the Ersal/Al-Hurriya intersection in the two opposite levels, the first being the construction of a two-way tunnel for traffic coming from Al-Hurriya Street towards Corridor Abdoun and vice versa, and the second constructing a roundabout at the level of the current street Al-Quds Street/ Al-Ersal Intersection, and in At the third level, a two-way bridge will be constructed for traffic coming from Naour Bridge towards the center of the country and vice versa, while at the fourth level a one-way bridge will be constructed for traffic coming from Al-Hurriya Street towards Naour Bridge, while the cost of the 18-month project is $29 million funded by the Saudi Development Fund

For its part, the ministry confirmed in its official response to $, that the opening of the intersection will be in the middle of next year, indicating that the reasons for extending the project’s work were in accordance with the terms of the contract and circulars issued by the ministry, justifying that the reason for the delay is due to weather conditions and the work stopped on the project during the Corona pandemic.

She pointed out that the completion rate of the Ersal Intersection project reached 73%, and the works in it include the construction of a 4-level intersection consisting of a 650-meter concrete bridge for the traffic coming from Amman towards Airport Street and the Dead Sea on Al-Quds Street in both directions, and a concrete bridge with a length of 230 meters for traffic coming from Al-Quds Street in both directions. Freedom in the direction of Al-Quds Street and a 130-meter-long tunnel within 4 lanes in both directions and main roads, and concrete walls supporting the lower corridor, and the rehabilitation of the surrounding roads completely, in addition to the construction of sidewalks, rainwater drainage systems, lighting works and all public safety works, according to the highest international engineering standards adopted. The opinion

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