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Press investigations reveal the secrets of Hassan Ismaik – details

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publish date 2021-11-21 01:49:18

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Investigations conducted by the investigative platform “ICAD” revealed the secrets of the “controversial” Jordanian businessman, Hassan Ismaik, who moved from Amman to Dubai, and grew up in a modest family in what is today the first Jordanian billionaire in the world, and the third youngest billionaire in the Middle East.

The platform was able to access facts about Ismaik, through open sources and official documents obtained from Jordanian courts, indicating that there is no information available in international economic journals about the sources of wealth owned by Ismaik, which raises doubts about him.

The platform stated that Ismaik has always stood out alongside high-ranking politicians, including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, when it was agreed to establish a project to build one million housing units in Egypt since 2014, at a cost of more than $35 billion, which the UAE government contributed through a company. Arabtec Holding” which was managed by Ismaik at the time.

According to the platform, this project was not completed; Because of the company’s inability to finance the project and it evaded it, knowing that your name evaded this project was not the first in its history.

The platform pointed out that there are many cases filed against Ismaik; These include issuing bad checks, impersonation, presenting forged bonds, and fraud and forgery. However, Ismaik was absent from sessions and appearing before the courts in these cases.

The platform referred to a number of companies that Ismaik ran around the world, some of which are suspicious; The lack of information about its employees, business, and financial documents, which are procedures that characterize companies that do or intend to carry out acts in violation of international law; such as tax evasion.

The platform added that one of these companies was mentioned in the Lionel Messi tax evasion case, in which the amounts of tax evasion exceeded $4.2 million.

With regard to the huge interaction on Ismaik’s tweets via the “Twitter” platform, it was found, according to the platform, that most of the interaction came from fake and programmed accounts, and some of them may receive cash in exchange for interacting with Ismaik’s activities on “Social Media”, describing this interaction as “hollow.” .

The platform indicated that Ismaik’s positions on the Palestinian issue are similar to the statements of the Palestinian politician Muhammad Dahlan, who is currently serving as an advisor to the Emirati Crown Prince bin Zayed.

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