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Inclusion of 1280 new families in monthly aid last October

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publish date 2021-11-21 18:27:54

The number of new families covered by the recurring monthly financial aid program in the National Aid Fund reached 1280 families in the month of October.

The Fund’s business report for the month of October stated that the recurring monthly aid was stopped for 1190 families, and it was reduced to 87 families, while the number of cases affiliated with the program that were surveyed reached 3905 families.

The report indicated that 778 new families benefited from the emergency financial aid program (regular and immediate), 129 new families benefited from the physical rehabilitation program, and 11 families benefited from the vocational training support program for children of beneficiary families.

The report added that the number of field verification visits to the families of the financial aid program (supplementary aid) reached 1280.

With regard to the electronic payment program, the report indicated that the recurrent and temporary monthly financial aid was transferred with a value of 8,238,768 dinars, the transfer of supplementary support (Takaful 1), the third payment of 1,574,2931 dinars, the transfer of monthly financial aid (supplementary aid) 1069201 dinars, and the transfer of temporary cash support (Takaful 3) The main fourth installment of 14783756 dinars, and the transfer of temporary cash support (Takaful 3), the additional list, the third installment of 8946964 dinars.

The report indicated that the cash transfer by mail included 21 families received through post offices, and 77,653 families received through ATM card.

The report stated that the Support and Support Center in the Aid Fund received 33,003 calls related to complaints or inquiries, and the number of closed cases reached 25,226.

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