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107 million dinars in telecom revenues in 2021

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publish date 2021-11-21 15:23:11

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has provided the Jordanian treasury with more than 107 million dinars this year, according to what the authority announced today, Sunday.

Ghazi Al-Jabour, CEO of the authority, said that the state treasury was provided with this amount, with a collection efficiency that exceeded (100%) of the total expected revenues for 2021, amounting to (107) million dinars.

Jabour stressed that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is the most independent institution that generates revenue for the treasury and the most abundant, as the total savings achieved and transferred to the state treasury for the period from 1997 until 10/11/2021 amounted to nearly (2) billion dinars.

It is worth noting that the Authority’s financial resources come from: returns from the share of revenue at the rate of 10 percent that is paid annually from the operating revenues of mobile phone companies, returns from licenses and permits and their renewal revenues (including frequency returns) and the wages and imports that the authority charges for the services it provides in addition to To the imports of private networks, the proceeds of fines imposed under the provisions of the Telecommunications Law and the allocated funds.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority was established, pursuant to Telecommunications Law No. 13 of 1995, as an independent governmental institution concerned with regulating the telecommunications and information technology sectors in accordance with the Telecommunications Law. High and reasonable prices, in order to achieve the optimal performance of the telecommunications and information technology sectors.

The authority undertakes the tasks of regulating the information technology sector in accordance with Telecommunications Law No. (13) of 1995 and its amendments. It also undertakes the tasks of regulating the postal sector in the Kingdom, monitoring all postal service providers and monitoring their compliance with the provisions of the law in implementation of the provisions of Postal Services Law No. (34) of 2007. On the other hand, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, according to the Telecommunications Law, operates independently of the Ministry of Communications and Technology information, but according to the general policy of the government.

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