Sudan Doctors: The death toll from the protests has risen to 40

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publish date 2021-11-20 10:56:24

The Compass – The Sudanese Doctors Committee announced, on Saturday, that the death toll from the protests in Sudan since last October 25 has risen to 40, after the death of a demonstrator from a bullet wound in the demonstrations last Wednesday.

The (non-governmental) committee said in a statement: “This morning, the martyr Muhammad Adam Hadoun, 16 years old, died as a result of being hit by live bullets in the head and leg on the 17th of November (last Wednesday).”

This brings the death toll from Wednesday’s protests to 16.

The statement added: “With this, the number of confirmed martyrs since October 25 has increased to 40.”

And on Wednesday, the Sudanese Professionals Association announced, in a statement, the killing of 15 people in a confrontation with the security forces, most of them in the city of Bahri, north of Khartoum, to demand the return of civilian rule and to denounce the “military coup.”

On Thursday, the Sudanese police said that they did not shoot peaceful demonstrators, and that they were committed to dispersing the protests “in accordance with international standards.”

Since last October 25, Sudan has been experiencing a severe crisis, as the army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, declared a state of emergency, dissolved the Sovereignty Councils and the transitional ministers and dismissed the governors, after the arrest of party leaders, ministers and officials, in exchange for continuous protests rejecting these measures as a “military coup.”

In return for accusing him of carrying out a military coup, Al-Burhan says that the army is committed to completing the democratic transition process, and that it took measures on October 25 to protect the country from “a real danger,” accusing political forces of “inciting chaos.”


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