Newspaper: Morocco and “Israel” will sign an agreement to build a military base

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publish date 2021-11-20 20:26:00

The Spanish newspaper “El Espanyol” revealed that Morocco will sign an agreement with the Israeli occupation to build a military base in the Afso desert region of the Nador region in the north of the Kingdom, near Al-Aroui International Airport, south of Melilla.

Quotes newspaper According to foreign intelligence sources, the project goes beyond the “Abraham” agreements that were signed in October 2020.

Bilateral cooperation has gone beyond defense to also include an agreement on intelligence information.

The sources expressed their fear that this strategic partnership will enhance Moroccan military aviation through the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles “Kamikaze”, as the two countries are working on preparing a project to manufacture these aircraft in Morocco and produce the largest possible number of them there.

The Israelis will be able to produce drones in Morocco in large quantities and at much lower prices, and they will be able to position themselves in the export markets.

Israel is one of the world’s main exporters of warplanes.

An Israeli newspaper had revealed some details of the program of the official visit by Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to Morocco on November 24.

Israel Today newspaper said: “For the first time, a security memorandum of understanding will be signed between Israel and an Arab country.”

She revealed that “the agreement will determine the framework of security relations between the two parties, including relations between the Israeli army and the Moroccan army,” and will include an understanding on “coordination between arms, intelligence, security procurement, and joint training.”

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