A strategic expert for “Al-Bawsala”: I do not rule out the complicity of regional parties in Britain’s decision against Hamas

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The strategic expert and professor of international conflicts at the University of Jordan, Dr. Hassan Momani, confirmed in statements to “compassHe does not rule out the complicity of regional parties in the recent British decision that seeks to pass a law to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, noting that these parties have a problem with Islamic movements and previously classified them as “terrorist.”

Dr. Hassan al-Momani said that Britain has a historical responsibility with regard to the Palestinian issue, starting with the “Balfour Declaration,” and passing through its positions in support of the occupation and its aggression from the beginning.

He pointed out that the development that took place in the issue of considering Hamas a terrorist organization would not have occurred in the Western European context when Britain was within the European Union and when it went in this direction, noting that European positions were to the contrary and dealt with this issue pragmatically.

Momani noted that the current right-wing British government is seeking to exploit some of the recent events, including the operation in Liverpool, which was classified as terrorist, as well as the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from a lecture at a British university, to drag the name of Hamas into the story of terrorism.

Dr.. Hassan Momani: The popular context and civil society institutions in Britain are supportive of the Palestinian cause and feel that “Israel” is a moral and ethical burden

However, he added: But the British position in the popular context and civil society institutions finds, to a very large extent, a lot of sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause, to the extent that they feel that Israel has become a moral and ethical burden on Britain.

He explained that “the official context came to some extent surprising, although there has been talk for some time to classify Hamas and the Palestinian factions as terrorist organizations.”

The professor of international conflicts did not rule out in his talk to “compassThe existence of British consensus with some regional and international parties to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, stressing at the same time that “the issue is not related to Britain alone, as there are some global and regional powers, and within the conflict in the region, they are seeking to obtain an international position against Islamic movements, including Hamas.”

Watch out for international positions

Momani praised the position of the United Nations and its announcement to continue dealing with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, stressing at the same time that the General Assembly, which is mostly in support of the legitimate right of the Palestinians, and even in the Security Council there are forces that support the Palestinian cause and do not support the trend to declare Hamas a terrorist movement.

At the same time, he warned that the danger of the British decision lies in the fact that other parties will follow what Britain has taken, meaning that there will be a so-called “domino effect”, so European countries will begin to take the same steps, which in the end are in the interest of the Zionist entity, especially the right extreme.

Momani concluded his speech by saying: “If we ask what prompted Britain to take this step, we will find ourselves in front of two answers. Either it is in the context of pressures exerted on the current British government, or it comes in the context of understandings between the occupying power and the British government and some regional parties that have a problem with Hamas.”

For its part, the United Nations announced, on Friday, the continuation of its dealings with the resistance movement “Hamas” in the Gaza Strip, commenting on Britain’s attempt to pass a law classifying the movement as a “terrorist organization.”

“We continue to deal with the authorities in Gaza (run by Hamas), whenever necessary, and we leave it to the member states to decide on this,” Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, told a news conference.

And the British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that she had initiated a law in Parliament classifying “Hamas” as a “terrorist” organization and banning it in the United Kingdom.

“Today I took measures to completely ban Hamas, this government is committed to confronting extremism and terrorism wherever it is,” Patel said in a tweet.

The British decision was condemned by the Palestinian factions, as the “Islamic Jihad” movement described it as “hostile and unjust,” while the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine considered it “a targeting of the resistance.”

Hamas condemns

On Friday, the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” condemned the British Home Office’s decision to take measures to ban the movement and consider it a “terrorist organization.”

Hamas said, in a statement, according to Anatolia, that it “condemns the British decision and calls on the Palestinian people and those who support their cause in the United Kingdom and Europe to condemn it.”

She added: “Britain supports the aggressors at the expense of the victims, instead of apologizing and correcting its historical sin in the fateful Balfour Declaration and the Mandate that handed over Palestinian land to the Zionist movement.”

It called on the international community, led by Britain, to “stop this duplicity and flagrant violation of international law, which they claim to protect and abide by.”


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