The First Vice President of the “Representatives” calls for stopping employment in the government sector

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publish date 2021-11-20 22:18:00

The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Al-Safadi, called on Saturday to stop hiring “totally” in the government sector and move towards the private sector.

Safadi said that supporting the private sector increases job opportunities, reduces unemployment, increases growth and reduces the budget deficit.

He added that the economy needs to reconsider the partnership with the private sector, as there must be a real partnership with the sector.

He pointed out that growth will only rise through the private sector and employment in it as well.


Al-Safadi said that the political parties and election bills are “important,” and constitutional amendments will be compatible with them so that the reform process will continue to be complete.

He pointed out that the House of Representatives demanded the support of the parties; Now we have a party law for the council, “we change what we want with it.” The election law has a national party list, and the seat will belong to the parties, not the deputy.

He explained, “If the deputy loses his membership in the party, he loses his seat in the House of Representatives, which is support for the parties’ law.”

It is likely that there will be an opinion of some deputies to the contrary, as there will be discussion and respect for democracy.

Al-Safadi pointed out that the first regular role of the House of Representatives lies in several laws, the most important of which are the laws of political parties and elections, saying: “An amendment to the laws of parties and elections will amend the law of the Independent Election Commission.”

censorship and legislation

He pointed out that the current period is called a political reform revolution, which will restore the deputy to oversight and legislation.

He continued, that the deputy is currently “compelled” to be my services to succeed in the elections; But the upcoming partisan elections will succeed,” he said, adding: “The next parliament will be more legislative and oversight.”

Al-Safadi added that the deputies are under pressure for appointment and intermediaries, as party life will greatly limit services.

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