The latest designs of “sweat-shirt” for the winter of 2022.. suitable for all tastes

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Many people prefer to wear a “sweat-shirt” during the winter, whether when hiking with friends, going to work or even when shopping, for its elegance, and helps to feel warm and can be worn with other pieces of clothing such as pants or skirts, and it suits different ages, starting from Children to the elderly.

With the advent of the cold days, a group of different designs of the “sweat-shirt”, designed with a zipper in the middle, spread on the pages of shops on the photo and video sharing site “Instagram”.

Fashion is not just for men

A few years ago, the “sweat-shirt” designed with a zipper in the middle was the preserve of men, and was usually offered in faded colors or sweat-absorbent fabrics, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

But with the spread of narrow sports shoes, straight-cut jeans, and shorts, the fashion for the “sweat-shirt”, designed with a zipper in the middle, came back again to suit both men and women, which was introduced by many shops in different colors and materials to suit all tastes.

There are designs of “sweat-shirts” made of wool and cashmere from the fur of Merino sheep, and the report published in the British newspaper “Metro” referred to different designs of the “sweat-shirt” fashion winter 2022, which we review in this report.

Various designs of “Sweat-shirt” fashion winter 2022

Combined collar sweatshirt

There is a pink sweatshirt designed with a built-in collar and can be worn with light blue or black jeans, as it helps to get a stylish look when shopping or outing with friends.

pink pullover

Sweatshirt with wavy print

There is another design of the “sweat-shirt” with a corrugated print and a light purple color, which can be worn with white or purple pants.

Sweatshirt with wavy print
Sweatshirt with wavy print

Merino half zip sweatshirt

Another design for a “sweat-shirt” is made of Merino sheep’s fur, and is designed with a half-zip and helps to feel warm on cold days.

Half zip sweatshirt
Half zip sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with zip at the neck

There is another design introduced by one of the brands, which is a “sweat-shirt” designed with a zipper at the neck, which can be worn with pants or a black leather skirt.

Sweatshirt with zip at the neck
Sweatshirt with zip at the neck

Faux wool sweater

There is a “sweat-shirt” made of synthetic wool, in a light yellow color that can be worn with purple pants.

Sweat-shirt from faux fur
Sweat-shirt in faux wool


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