I know the characteristics of Scorpio .. intelligent and harmless, and the key to his heart is honesty “video”

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We bid farewell to Scorpio within two days, as the sun leaves the zodiac and the birthday celebration begins for the birth sign of Sagittarius. With everyone, which makes them more social and present, in addition to informing them, their culture, and their tactful responses that force everyone to respect them at all levels.

Honesty is the key to Scorpio

The horoscope expert said that Scorpios are among the most beautiful signs that you can deal with, but the key to their personality is honesty and sincerity, which you must deal with in order to gain their trust. Strongly, Scorpios hate hypocrisy very much.

Scorpio is not in harm’s way

The horoscope expert also added that Scorpios are said to be among the characters that can harm those around them, but this is not true, and they do not react unless someone harms them, and the horoscope expert confirmed that Scorpios are among the most The one who rejects harm and does not accept it, whether for her or for others.

Scorpio is loyal at work

Scorpios are among the most practical personalities. They are very interested in their profession and preserve it and do not tolerate anyone tampering with their position, in addition to their strong dedication to work that makes it a large part of his life, so do not approach or tamper with his work, as if you wanted to get close to the birth sign Scorpio you have to support him in the work and keep him to continue to shine in it.

Scorpio man is an affectionate father

The horoscope expert added about Scorpios, especially men, as they enjoy a great deal of tenderness and containment for his children and his family. and the assets on which he was raised.

Scorpio’s intelligence

Scorpios are considered to be among the most intelligent and wise personalities, so you find the majority of Scorpio men who have a prominent position in their work, and women among them are a great degree of diplomacy and sophistication in dealing as they love sincerity and discover betrayal easily, and they enjoy tenderness And femininity, but her punishment is severe when she feels that those with her underestimate her.

Scorpio born


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