Athouri and Qusaiha .. The stars of the Arab world announce the “story” hair fashion in 2022

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If you are one of the girls searching all the time for everything new in fashion, whether in fashion, accessories, make-up and cosmetics, as well as hair styles and colours, then of course you will have noticed that many stars of the Arab world have resorted to cutting their hair and making a bang or a “story” in their recent looks. To announce the hair fashion 2022, and if you want to try it, here, quoting from Vogue magazine, the most prominent looks of Arab stars with bangs and their different styles, which suit the shape of their face, where you can choose one suitable for your face shape as well as expressive of your personality and suitable for it. .

free bang

The Lebanese star, Maya Diab, appeared in a free bang in one of her recent looks, where she posted a picture on her Instagram page, in which she wore a completely shiny silver look, while the “story” decorated her forehead, and tied an elegant “scarf” to her hair in cheerful colors, and thus appeared in All her usual elegance.

Maya Diab

straight bangs

The Lebanese star Cyrine Abdel Nour also chose the straight cut, which is straight on the forehead and neatly arranged, and requires only 10 minutes to obtain, and its length was medium on her forehead, and she also posted a picture of herself on the Instagram photo-sharing site.

Cyrine Abdel Nour
Cyrine Abdel Nour

side bangs

As a famous beautician and media figure, the looks that she adopts mean a lot in the Arab world of fashion. She is the Lebanese Joelle Mardinian, who recently appeared as she styled her hair in a side bangs, through a photo she posted on her social networking page, to look very feminine and elegant.

Joel Mardinian
Joel Mardinian

The bangs on both sides of the face

Finally, the Lebanese star, Nadine Njeim, appeared as she styled her hair in the bangs way on both sides of her face, and it is a somewhat long “cut”, and it is styled sideways on both sides of the face to show the beauty of features.

Nadine Njeim
Nadine Njeim


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