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The Armed Forces carry out the “Azm Commando 1” exercise (photos)

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publish date 2021-11-20 00:40:34

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The Commandos / 61 Battalion, one of the units of the Brigade of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed / Rapid Intervention, carried out yesterday, Thursday, a night exercise (Azm Commandos/1), in one of the designated training fields, in the presence of the Assistant for Operations and Training, Brigadier General Abdullah Al Shdeifat, and a number of senior Officers of the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army.

This came in line with the goal of the Jordanian Armed Forces to keep its formations and units ready to face all dangers and challenges of a traditional and non-traditional nature through the exercises and exercises it conducts.

Shdeifat listened to a military briefing given by the brigade commander and battalion commander on the progress of operational, training and logistical matters in the brigade units, and on the course of the exercise, which contributes to raising the level of combat readiness of the participants.

The forces participating in the exercise began carrying out the task entrusted to them in the area of ​​operations with air support by helicopters to isolate them in preparation for the movement of sections storming the built-up areas to purify them using modern armed and operationally equipped verses under the standard support weapons attached to the brigade.

The storming operation included reinforcing the intrusive forces with airborne forces by means of “Black Hawk” aircraft of the Royal Air Force and dropping the forces with the fast rope to the battlefield, to enable them to work for long periods within these areas, and conducting search and inspection within the area of ​​operations and dealing with them using the mechanisms that entered the unit newly.

The reserve forces implemented a scenario that simulates an intrusion into the real operational environment with its organic support, using all methods of approaching and descending through mountainous sections, in addition to conducting operations to supply ammunition and necessary equipment and implement the medical evacuation plan.

The exercise aims to enhance the integrated coordination between the different types of weapons to develop the combat capabilities of the participants in the exercise, and to train commanders at all levels on planning and implementation mechanism in unconventional operations to reach the desired goals.

It is noteworthy that the mechanisms used in the unit implementing the exercise were modified and operationally equipped at the Jordan Design and Development Center (JODDB), to suit the nature of the tasks and duties assigned to the unit.

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