Swiss Foreign Minister: We do not accept orders from the European Union

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publish date 2021-11-19 16:17:23

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis said Friday that Switzerland refuses to take orders from the European Union, stressing that no negotiations will take place between the two sides unless a joint agenda is defined between the Commission and Bern.

“No orders are given or accepted between the European Union and Switzerland,” the Federal Chancellor said in a lengthy interview with the newspapers of the Tamedia Media Group.

“The Federal Council knows the wishes of the European Union,” Cassis added. It is not new,” after speaking Monday in Brussels with the Vice President of the Slovakian Commission Maros Sivkovic, who is responsible for the thorny Swiss file.

It was the first meeting between the two men since Berne’s decision at the end of May to bury a draft agreement with the European Union after years of discussions to adapt the legal framework for Switzerland’s participation in the single market to the European Union, its main economic partner, and put in place a dispute settlement mechanism.

These are largely political issues, Cassis said, rather than discussions of a technical nature.

He added that “the Federal Council does not intend at all to resume negotiations after the collapse of the framework agreement in May,” noting that this is what he told Svkovic.

Sefkovic stressed Monday that “any political dialogue must be targeted and substantive,” explaining that technical discussions will intensify and that he will meet with his counterpart again in January in Davos (Switzerland) on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum to finalize a timetable and confirm the resumption of dialogue.

But Cassis said Bern would not succumb to pressure from the European Union, in response to Sefkovic’s statement that he was waiting for a road map.

“The question of setting a deadline was not raised at our meeting,” the Swiss official said. He stressed that “a roadmap for negotiations is not currently on the table, and it is now about knowing the expectations of both sides, without forgetting that there is no disagreement in 95 percent of the cases.”


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