Huge quantity… Egyptian security seizes dozens of “Bango” drug stores

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publish date 2021-11-19 19:43:26

The Egyptian security services succeeded in seizing dozens of stores of the drug Bango in Ismailia governorate, east of Cairo, in what a security source described as the “biggest drug case.”

The source told “Sky News Arabia” that information was received by the security services to take outlaws in the desert back area in Ismailia as a scene for their activities in storing and drying bango drug.

The source pointed out that the General Administration of Narcotics Control in the Anti-Drugs Sector, Weapons and Unlicensed Ammunition, coordinated with the sectors of security, national security and public security, with the participation of the Ismailia Security Directorate and the field sectors of the armed forces, in a magnifying security campaign targeting the desert back area in the Qantara Police Station Department in Ismailia.

The source confirmed that the security campaign managed to seize 28 stores, containing 13,175 kilograms of dry bango.

The source indicated that the Public Prosecution office, which supervised the burning of these quantities of drugs, was notified, while those connected to those stores were arrested, pending the case.

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