Compatibility of the zodiac.. Only 3 signs can break the heart of the Leo, despite the sweet beginnings

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If you are a Leo, finding a partner who will stand by you while facing the world is not easy, you are very self-confident and open, and you have a lot of people who adore you, so it is necessary for the owners of the sign of Leo to search for the right partner for you, it may be It is in your best interest to stay away from the following three signs, as they will make you sad and break your heart, according to Bustle:


As soon as Geminis are fascinated by the personality of Leo, Gemini will be attracted to them immediately. As a result of his great curiosity and love to learn everything he can about everyone, as well as Leo will love to be the center of Gemini’s attention, and in the end the Gemini’s curiosity will fade, and he will leave the relationship immediately without any introduction. Gemini needs a partner that fascinates them all the time and not only in the beginning.


Virgo and Leo don’t have much in common. Virgo is more reserved and ambiguous, while Leo tends to do whatever he wants in the simplest possible way. You wouldn’t think that these two would be attracted to each other, and they might not be interested at first. Each other, they will realize how to balance their affairs together, Virgo shows love in classic and traditional ways, while Leo shows love in more emotional and romantic ways, so this mismatch can lead to Leo feeling a lack of love from his partner, and Virgo may leave him in the middle of the road and this is what breaks his heart.


Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs, so there’s a strong natural attraction between them. They tend to enjoy a slow and steady approach to dating, so you wouldn’t push either of the other signs to commit before they’re ready.

Once in a relationship, both signs are very loyal, Leo is like fire, while Aquarius is known to be cold and although Leo will initially find a great attraction towards Aquarius, their feelings will be hurt once they realize that Aquarius is going out of their way to save anyone. Another rather than saving their relationship.

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