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These are the wishes of the citizens of Irbid ahead of the expected depression

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publish date 2021-11-19 19:56:29

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Citizens in the city of Irbid hope that the expected rainy and winter season will come – God willing – in accordance with the announced preparations of the official authorities and institutions, to deal with the weather conditions and fluctuations of this season.

Mahmoud Al-Abd Al-Raouf, a vehicle driver on an electronic application, says that the fall of good rain, despite the “psychological comfort” it brings, may cause a state of confusion for us as drivers or pedestrians, especially in cases of heavy rain, and the inability of Al-Manahil to Absorbing large quantities of water, which causes certain problems in terms of its collection and difficulty in draining, hoping that such problems will be addressed through early preparation, and the opening of lines designated to drain these quantities.

Citizen Ashraf Hamdallah points out the importance of the maintenance and follow-up operations being present and continuous throughout the year, not just prior to the rainy season, to ensure the technical readiness of the various streets and facilities in the city, especially since Irbid has become a large city and has witnessed a significant increase in the number of its residents.

Buthaina Al-Khaled, who works as an employee in one of the commercial companies in the city, also notes that Irbid, after an absence of nearly two years from the usual daily movement in its streets for school and university students due to the Corona pandemic, these streets and the various services in them are supposed to be ready and able to absorb the consequences of the good season. At the same time, emphasizing the importance of citizen cooperation and his role in this field with the relevant authorities.

For his part, the media spokesman for the Greater Irbid Municipality, Raddad Al-Tal, revealed the municipality’s annual plan in preparation for the rainy season, which begins in the middle of the summer, and is represented by the municipality’s cadres, service mechanisms and engineering teams opening operations for all rainwater drainage lines in the streets and various places, In addition to valley streams and their cleaning, such as Wadi Zabad, the municipality is also keen, through the Department of Maintenance and Execution, to conduct periodic maintenance operations for “manholes and drains” and cover them with metal plates to protect them from tampering and waste that may cause their closure.

Al-Tal added that the municipality worked to form 4 main emergency rooms in its different areas, in addition to its role and active membership in the main emergency room in the governorate house in preparation for the winter season, stressing that the municipality worked, through a number of its construction projects, to address the “hardest points” that were forming. “Confusion for citizens and for traffic,” which is about 50 locations in various areas of the city and municipality borders, such as Idoun Street / Clinic Roundabout, Islamabad Street, Fadhel Al-Dalqmouni Street – Hakama Street.

He continued: These streets – for example, but not limited to – during the previous seasons witnessed a large accumulation of water causing many traffic problems, the municipality worked to treat them permanently through engineering solutions that help in the flow and drainage of quantities of water and rain, pointing out that cadres and workers of the municipality cleaned and opened Great water courses on the Irbid-Amman road.

Al-Tal indicated that 35% of the “Greater Irbid” budget, estimated at 46 million dinars, goes annually to reopen, rehabilitate and pave streets in its various areas, stressing the importance of citizens’ cooperation with the municipality in this area, as the basis for addressing many issues by not Throwing waste and waste into the sewers, as well as not placing waste bags in the streets at the time of rain to avoid any problems, stressing at the same time the municipality’s readiness to cooperate and provide service and assistance to citizens at any time.

And the media spokesman for the Yarmouk Water Company, Moataz Obeidat, said that within any annual plan to confront the winter season, technical teams are formed for these, and the company’s direction, at the beginning of each winter season, addresses awareness messages for citizens to avoid connecting roof gutters to the drainage networks, because this causes the matter. The flood of wastewater in the streets due to the inability of the sewage networks to absorb the large quantities of water flowing inside them.

In his speech to the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, Obeidat added that this affects the mechanism of work of sewage plants, in addition to that, there are other observations related to opening manhole covers in the streets in order to drain rainwater that collects in the streets, carrying with it many solid materials and gravel. And dirt that clogs sewage systems and rushes waste water into the streets.

He stressed the company’s emphasis on the importance of protecting water meters by the usual methods during times of freezing in order to avoid their explosion, in addition to calling on citizens to inspect their tanks and ensure their validity and the validity of the “flashlights” to avoid wasting water during the winter.

And Obeidat, that the company is working on maintaining various water lines in the winter, which may be exposed to fractures due to the lack of water demand, and these networks become filled with water and the lines explode, and the company is keen to ensure the validity of these lines to ensure that sewage complaints are addressed quickly and complaints are followed up Related to broken water lines due to increased pressure and low consumption.

He added that the company is keen to equip all mechanisms, fuel generators, manual lighting, rain clothes and water suction motors, and to ensure that water sources are turned off in the event of “turbidity” and to operate diesel generators in a number of stations in the event of a power outage.

Obeidat pointed to the company’s plan to open 24-hour operating and emergency rooms during unusual depressions and coordinate with administrative governors, civil defense and municipalities, in addition to the diligent follow-up of wells to ensure the continuity of the water supply.

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