30 million euros, the fortune of the Spanish player Iniesta

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publish date 2021-09-26 14:43:33

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Andres Iniesta contributed to Barcelona’s winning of several world titles and the European Champions League. He also contributed to pushing the Spanish national team to glory in the World Cup and is considered a symbol of Spanish football.

After moving from FC Barcelona and his illustrious career there to Japan, Iniesta became one of the highest-paid footballers by pushing his personal brand and business ventures.

Forbes magazine estimates Iniesta’s fortune at about 30 million euros, which puts him in seventh place on the list of the highest-paid players in the world, and the only Spaniard in the top ten.

According to the magazine, 90 percent of Iniesta’s fortune came from his income, while the remaining 10 percent came from his sponsorship of brands such as Asics and Nissan, in addition to other projects.

Iniesta recently signed a two-year contract extension worth a whopping €25.5 million annually.

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