Sentence issued in one of the most heinous murders in Jordan

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publish date 2021-09-26 15:50:24

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The online newspaper, Akhbar Al-Jordan, learned that the High Criminal Court had sentenced a doctor to death by hanging, who killed his friend Hamza Hamidat, 50, who was an ambulance officer, and burned his body in cooperation with one of his relatives in Amman.

As a reminder in the details of the heinous crime, the two parties to the crime were good friends, working for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the town of Bani Naim, east of Hebron in the West Bank, and Hamza deluded the doctor that he would secure Hajj visas for the latter to collect sums of money and several passports.

A dispute arose between the killer and the victim over the money, and they met in an apartment in Amman, and there the doctor and his relative put a narcotic substance to the victim in a glass of juice, and after he remained awake, the perpetrator attacked the victim from behind and slit his throat.

Then the doctor and his partner transferred the body in a bag and put it in a car, after which the doctor invited a number of his relatives to a barbecue trip in the Dead Sea, and upon arrival he asked permission to leave for some time, and put the body on a rock and set it on fire and waited until the fire was extinguished to bury the rest of the body, then Returns to complete a barbecue evening.

After the High Criminal Court completed all the legal stages of the case, it decided to hang the accused doctor to death after convicting him of the felony of premeditated murder, while his relative (the accomplice in the crime) was imprisoned for 20 years for the charge of interfering with premeditated murder.

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