More than 100 leaders of the Tunisian Ennahda movement resign

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publish date 2021-09-25 11:05:53

A leader from the Tunisian “Ennahda” movement confirmed, today, Saturday, the authenticity of the document that talks about the resignation of a large number of “Ennahda” leaders, exceeding 100, after the meeting of the movement’s Shura Council ended, at dawn today, Saturday.

The collective resignation concerned major, regional and local leaders in the “Ennahda” movement, including the former Minister of Health Abdellatif Al-Makki, Representative Samir Dilou, the former Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Ben Salem, and a number of members of the House of Representatives, such as Jamila Al-Kissi, Toumi Hamrouni, Rabab Al-Latif and Nassiba Ben Ali. , and a number of members of the National Constituent Assembly, like Amal Azzouz, and a number of members of the National Consultative Council, the regional Shura councils, and the regional and local offices.

They justified the reasons for the resignation by “the failure to reform the party from within and acknowledging that the current leadership bears full responsibility for the movement’s isolation in the national arena.” The Constitution and the institutions emanating from it.

This development represents a major turning point within the “Ennahda” movement, which suffers from major differences in its ranks amid demands for a change in leadership for months.

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