A strategic assessment that favors the continuation of the current occupation government while remaining in a state of flux

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publish date 2021-09-25 16:26:14

After the relative stability of the current Israeli government that was formed under the leadership of Naftali Bennett in June 2021, and it has crossed the hundred-day mark of its life, a strategic assessment issued by the Al-Zaytoonah Center sought to provide a set of data about the background of the expected future scenarios for the Israeli government.

The assessment examined the elements of strength and cohesion that enabled the government to continue over the past months, as well as the data related to its performance during the first 100 days, in order to put forward a set of expected scenarios for its future according to the existing data: internally and externally.

The scenarios ranged between the continuation of the government until the end of the official term of the Knesset, or its continuation remaining shaky, tense and vacillating, which may fall and disintegrate in the foreseeable future, or it may collapse soon due to the lack of conditions for continuity, and the increasing circumstances of the downfall. The assessment suggested that this government would continue its work in a state of relative stability, to some extent, with problems arising from time to time, in light of the interests of the various parties to stay in it, and try to manage their differences with the least amount of losses, so that the main determinant of its work remains its continuation. Even if it encounters some sudden obstacles that threaten to fall from time to time.

The assessment recommended following up on developments on the Israeli arena, knowing their consequences for the future of the government, and their expected negative and positive effects on it, and identifying Palestinian interests from these developments, in addition to working on studying Palestinian options towards the Israeli government, and the extent of the ability to influence its overthrow, especially in the event of an escalation. The tense security situation in Gaza, leading to a new war.

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