Libyan “Iftaa” calls for Friday demonstrations to topple Parliament

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publish date 2021-09-24 15:38:56

The Libyan Dar Al Iftaa called for demonstrations in various cities and villages of the country, on Friday, to call for the “overthrow” of Parliament.

This came in a statement published by Dar Al-Ifta on its Facebook page, two days after the House of Representatives announced the approval of the withdrawal of confidence from the national unity government headed by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba.

The statement stated that “the Council for Research and Legal Studies at Dar Al-Ifta calls on all Libyans to go out in various cities and villages, tomorrow, Friday, to call for the overthrow of the House of Representatives.”

And he said; “The fallen House of Representatives, legally, legally and morally, headed by Aqila Saleh, has gone too far in its corruption, and infiltrated its harm to people.”

And the “Ifta” considered that “Parliament continues to add, in every session it convenes, to its record of actions a new crime, as it is the one who spilled the blood of Libyans by supporting the wars waged by (retired Major General) Khalifa Haftar, the last of which was the war on Tripoli, and support for bringing in mercenaries and occupiers,” according to the statement. .

She explained that “the abuse (from Parliament) reached its climax by issuing a decision to withdraw confidence from the government in order to impede its movement and narrow it down.”

And last Tuesday, the House of Representatives announced the approval of the withdrawal of confidence from the Dabaiba government, in a move that the Supreme Council of State described as “false.” For violating its procedures, the Constitutional Declaration and the Political Agreement.

Last Tuesday, dozens of demonstrators participated in a protest sit-in in the capital, Tripoli, in rejection of the parliament’s decision, at a time when Dabaiba called on the people to “go out and express their opinion” without fear, stressing his support for holding the elections, and his rejection of division.

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