Erdogan: The United States supports terrorist organizations much more than expected

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publish date 2021-09-24 16:44:48

Turkish President:

The regime in Syria poses a threat to the south of our country
We look forward to the Russian President and his country expressing a different position on the Syrian issue

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed, on Friday, the necessity of upgrading Turkish-American relations to occupy a different place than they are now.

In a statement after performing Friday prayers in a mosque in Istanbul, the Turkish president touched on regional and local issues.

He stressed that the United States currently supports terrorist organizations much more with various types of weapons, vehicles and equipment than was expected at a time when it should combat these organizations, referring to the extension of the PKK terrorist organization in Syria.

And he added, “If relations are in an undesirable state, we have to express that, because (unlike the Biden administration) I have not seen such situations with any of the previous leaders in America.”

He pointed out that Turkey is compelled to inform the world public opinion of these details when a country (America) a member of NATO presents such stances (supporting terrorism).

He said that the relations of Turkey and the United States, which are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), should be in a different situation than they are now.

Regarding his upcoming meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin next week, Erdogan said that his country seeks to strengthen its bilateral relationship with Russia and reach a volume of trade exchange worth $100 billion.

Erdogan said that the Syrian regime poses a threat to the south of his country.

He affirmed Turkey’s aspiration for the Russian President and his country, as a friendly country, to show a different position on the Syrian issue, as required by the relations of solidarity between the two countries, and joint action on Turkey’s southern borders.

He stressed the need for Turkey, Iran and Russia to discuss turning Syria into a basin of peace.


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