Corona .. Tunisia decides to cancel the partial curfew

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publish date 2021-09-24 16:52:50

Tunisian President Kais Saied decided, on Friday, to cancel the partial curfew imposed in the country, as part of measures to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, as of Saturday.

The Tunisian presidency said, in a statement, that “after reviewing the opinion of the Ministry of Health and the Corona Pandemic Management Operations Hall on the improvement of the epidemiological situation, it was decided to cancel the ban on the movement of people and vehicles throughout the territory of the Republic, starting from Saturday at midnight.”

Since last July, Tunisia has imposed a night-time curfew that extends for 11 hours throughout the country, which it reduced on August 18 last, to 5 hours, from midnight until five in the morning.

The presidency added, “It was decided to allow people who have completed the vaccination process against Corona to participate in demonstrations, activities, and public and private gatherings in open and closed spaces.”

The decision also included limiting the number of people in closed and open spaces to 50 percent of its capacity, with the need to adhere to the application of physical distancing, according to the statement.

The Tunisian presidency stressed the need to implement health protocols and obligatory wearing of a muzzle in public places and means of transportation.

She stated that it was also decided to vaccinate the country’s entrants to participate in activities and meetings, in addition to intensifying campaigns to vaccinate citizens.

As of Friday, the total number of Corona injuries in Tunisia reached 671,866, causing 24,676 deaths, while 671,488 recovered, according to official data.


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