Britain .. Climate activists block the entrance to the port of Dover

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publish date 2021-09-24 20:35:03

On Friday, climate activists closed the entrance to the port of Dover, southeast of Britain, to highlight the issue of climate change and the fuel crisis in the country.

The Associated Press confirmed that more than 40 climate activists blocked the main road leading to the port.

“Protesters are currently closing the entrance to the Port of Dover, please allow additional time before your flight,” the agency quoted port operators as saying in a statement.

The statement added: “Please follow up with the ferry operator you are taking for updates, the port is still open.”

On the other hand, police reported that 17 protesters were arrested, without further details, according to the Associated Press.

Demonstrators demanded better home insulation in the country in order to reduce emissions and energy costs.

Britain, like other European countries, is facing rising natural gas prices and is likely to see a rise in home heating prices as winter approaches.

The demonstration comes amid a disruption in the supply of fuel across Britain, due to a shortage of truck drivers to a large extent.

Grocery stores reported a shortage of some goods, and a number of gas stations were closed, but the government called on people not to panic and stock up on goods, according to the same source.

The port of Dover is the busiest ferry port in Europe and handles 17 percent of Britain’s merchandise trade, according to the agency.


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