A Jerusalem writer attacks Mahmoud Abbas for these reasons

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publish date 2021-09-24 17:51:46

The Jerusalemite writer Nadia Essam Harhash launched a stinging attack on President Mahmoud Abbas on the eve of his expected speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

In an article published on Friday, Harhash said, “Since Mahmoud Abbas became president of the Palestinian Authority, the division has erupted, the pieces of which are scattered over our heads as an explosion until this moment.”

She added, “As for the elections in which Abu Mazen took over the head of all the Palestinian authorities in succession – with the exception of the prime ministership – perhaps temporarily – as he was amid the Fatah disputes over staying on every vacant and non-vacant seat in the institutions of the Authority and the government’s recent failure to even conduct a replacement process for some ministers, Fatah’s solution has become by dissolving the president as prime minister – the elections are a dream they made an impossible nightmare.”

And Harhash continued, “Perhaps we are left with nothing but sarcasm in light of this well-deserved tragic situation.”

And she considered that Abbas “entered a seclusion in which he undermined and fortified himself to the point where he began to hold his breath, between an age approached by time and the year of life coming to an end, and between a blind adherence to power that made him in his last days or years – the same matter – an outcast by his counterparts from the rulers of the world.” According to her.

“I imagine when the president thinks about traveling, what will he say to the host country?” Will he talk to them about his sacred coordination with the occupation and his guarantee of the security of his subjects? I imagine how the heads of the world are afraid to stand by him, of a question or a gesture from someone about the deteriorating conditions of his power? What would he say if someone asked him about corruption? About Nizar’s murder? About his commitment to form a unity government and – God forbid – the date of the elections? How will someone standing or sitting opposite him deal with the answer?”

She pointed out that a few days before the publication of an opinion poll by the Palestinian Research Center, it was found that the demand for the departure – resignation – of the Palestinian president reached a record number (80%), in the same context, in a question about the performance of the current government, 70% of the respondents expressed their pessimism and the inability of this government to achieve National unity, compared to 22% who expected success, and the percentage of corruption that the Palestinian people are convinced of its spread in the institutions of the Authority was 83%, according to the same poll.

The Jerusalem writer considered that “there is certainly no surprise in this poll, and I do not even think that there is a need for a survey to confirm what is clear, but this is how we like numbers, when we see things with our own eyes, we break doubt with certainty, perhaps.”

She asked, “Does the president and his leadership clique wait for the poll result to reach 100% so that he understands that what is happening only confirms that it is over?”

And she saw that “Abbas has isolated himself from the people since we knew him as president – frankly, I did not know him before he became president -. It is unfortunate how humans – in these locations – sometimes choose their ends that do not leave a trace. A state of fading dominates the upcoming scene for sure.”

And she concluded by saying, “The disappearance of a president, the disappearance of authority, and the disappearance of a cause that was isolated by these people, who singled out them and stripped them of all their right to become private property for them and their miserable dynasties, so that there will remain a people from whom heroes sometimes emerge to give us some hope, and we live by waiting and wishing for accountability for a killer and killers who wasted the life of a citizen named Nizar Banat or the liberation of prisoners in a deal.” An exchange, a tunneling, or an election may stir the stagnation of the wrathful quagmire that is suffocating us gradually as those perish and vanish with time.”


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