“Without a belly and does not eat Mansaf by hand”.. Jordanian girl’s conditions for marriage make a fuss

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publish date 2021-09-23 13:23:42

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A Jordanian girl posted on Facebook her conditions for marrying the one who proposes to her, while the conditions raised the astonishment and criticism of the followers.

And it was at the forefront of those conditions, that he should not have a “rumen” and take care of his appearance, and then that his financial situation was good for a decent life, in addition to “not being the son of the mother, and he does not have an independent personality.”

The girl stipulated that the applicant should not make a snoring sound during sleep, be of good morals and religion, in addition to not be a user of obscene words, not to communicate through social networking sites, except with his sisters, aunts and aunts, and not to eat mansaf by hand, and to be ” They understand etiquette.”

It also stipulated that he should not be nervous, stupid or poorly comprehended, in addition to that she wanted him on a level of culture.

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