Rude jokes and reviews.. Signs that tell you that the man is afraid of the strength of your personality

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A strong, confident woman may face a crisis in finding the right man who accepts her personality, especially if this character is mixed with beauty. Sometimes a woman begins to make her way to a man’s heart, but she may suddenly turn into an uninterested person, which raises questions within her.

Signs that a man is afraid of your strong personality

The truth is that many men are subjected to intimidation and fear of women with a strong personality, which leads them to flee from this relationship because they do not feel safe and able to keep up with her.

Here are some signs that this man fears you or fears your strong personality, according to the American “Your Tango” website:

Tension and dirty jokes

You can see him fiddling with his keys or his palm suddenly getting sweaty, he may stutter while talking, and make some jokes that never laugh, it may be because he is afraid of you.

A woman with a strong personality
A woman with a strong personality

Avoiding eye contact

Even if he muster up the courage to talk to you and make the first move, he won’t make eye contact, you’ll find him running away from your eyes, so his eyes won’t tell you how worried and scared he is of your presence.


Whatever you tell him, he’s tweaking him in some way to make him look bad and insulting, because he’s jealous of how confident you are.

Strong women
Strong women

He will never take the first step

It is usually men who initiate closeness when they like a woman, they are the ones who take the first step, if for some reason he shows interest in you but fails to take the first step, it may be because of his fear.

brag and show off

When men are afraid of a woman, they brag a lot to make up for their nervousness. So if he tells you how much he earns or how big his house is, even without you asking, he’s probably trying to hide his fears that come up when he’s with you.


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