Do you advise pregnant women to take the Corona vaccine? .. A study that resolves the controversy

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publish date 2021-09-23 19:24:57

A recent study found that mothers who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines passed high levels of antibodies on to their babies.

And researchers from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine discovered that 100 percent of 36 newborns tested at birth had protective antibodies after their mothers received the vaccines against Covid-19.

The researchers noted that the highest levels of antibodies were in the umbilical cord blood of mothers who had been fully vaccinated against corona, in the second half of their pregnancy.

Vaccine .. its benefits are not only health.

“Studies continue to confirm the importance of vaccines during pregnancy and their ability to simultaneously provide protection by preventing severe disease in both mothers and children,” said Dr. Ashley Roman, director of maternal and fetal medicine at New York University.

“If children have the opportunity to be born with antibodies, this could protect them in the first several months of their lives, when they are most vulnerable,” she added.

The research team was also able to distinguish antibodies in the blood of newborns that were formed in response to natural infections from those that were produced in response to vaccines, UPI news agency reported.

The research concluded, “Our findings add to a growing list of important reasons why women should be advised to receive the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy for the added benefit of newborns who require critical protection.”

The research, whose results were published in the American Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fetal Medicine, indicated that “future studies will be needed to determine whether vaccination during the second half of pregnancy is better than vaccination at the beginning of pregnancy, as well as how long the protection of the infant resulting from the vaccine lasts.”

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