An ideal drink to strengthen the nervous system

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publish date 2021-09-24 09:04:50

Dr. Margarita Koroleva, a Russian nutrition expert, declared that cocoa is an ideal stress relief drink.

In a television interview, the specialist points out that drinking a cup of cocoa in the morning helps a lot to relieve stress. But provided that the cocoa is natural.

“Cocoa’s content of B vitamins and minerals helps to regulate the nervous system and control stress. In addition, drinking cocoa in the morning improves mood and activity,” she says.

The expert advises drinking herbal tea, such as mint, lemon balm officinalis, and passion flower (clock flower), in the evening between seven and ten.

“Thanks to the action of the sleep hormones at night – growth hormone and melatonin, the level of cortisol decreases, as it is at this time that the process of cleansing the brain and body of toxins,” she says.

And the expert adds, and when a person suffers from chronic stress, he should not be satisfied with drinking soothing drinks, and she advises taking a warm bath (37-38 degrees Celsius) just before bedtime.

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