Washington appoints an official for the Syrian file… What are the expected effects?

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publish date 2021-09-23 16:17:00

Sources from the US State Department announced the appointment of the diplomat, Ethan Goldrich, to be responsible for the Middle East and communication in Syria, to succeed Amy Kotrona, who was appointed acting representative for Syria affairs last February.

She explained that Goldrich held the position of US Chargé d’Affairs in Bahrain, then moved to the UAE in 2021, and other diplomatic positions in his country’s embassies in Kuwait and Belarus.

Goldrich has become responsible for the Middle East and communication with regard to Syria, and not a special US envoy to Syria, as is the custom.

After the appointment of the new diplomat was revealed, the Syrian opposition coalition, in an exclusive statement to Arabi 21, described the American move as “positive.”

The representative of the coalition in Washington, Qutaiba Idlebi, said that the failure of the US State Department, since the administration of US President Joe Biden to take over the White House, to a permanent official on the Syrian file, was giving a negative signal that the United States was not interested.

Idlibi added that the US State Department’s move gives a positive signal to countries that are waiting for a leading role for the United States in the Syrian file.

However, he added: “But this step is not sufficient to push the countries friendly to the Syrian people to continue greatly with the Syrian file, especially since there are many American messages issued by the American administration, including the position on the Arab gas project, which will give the Syrian regime many privileges without providing concessions, as well as the possibility of the withdrawal of US forces from the region.”

Idlibi said, despite the positive step, it is not sufficient to mobilize the necessary international support.

Regarding the impact of Goldrich’s appointment on the Syrian file, he stressed that “it is too early to talk about changes,” revealing in his speech to “Arabi 21”, the intention of the delegation of the Syrian coalition currently participating in the meetings of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, to meet with Goldrich in Washington, DC, after days.

According to observers, the Syrian file is managed by the US in the US National Security Council, which means the weak influence of the US State Department, and the new official (Goldrich) on the way the Syrian file is managed.

But the writer specializing in American affairs, Rawan Al-Rajoulah, considered that the appointment of Goldrich, who is a veteran diplomat in the US State Department and who speaks Arabic and Hebrew fluently, confirms that the Biden administration attaches special importance to the files of the Middle East, especially Syria.

In an interview with Arabi21, Al-Rajoula said: “I think we will witness specific steps from Washington related to the Syrian file,” adding: “But these steps will serve American interests in the region, especially with regard to cooperation with Russia in the file of fighting terrorism, and neutralizing the influence of Iranian militias. in the region and securing partners on the ground.”

There are about 900 American soldiers in Syria, and they are deployed in the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which controls areas in northeastern Syria where wheat cultivation is concentrated in addition to the country’s oil fields.

Expectations vary regarding the survival or withdrawal of US forces from Syria, amid clear fears prevailing in the SDF of a sudden US withdrawal, similar to what happened in Afghanistan.

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