The Tunisian president partially suspends the constitution

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publish date 2021-09-22 21:08:17

On Wednesday afternoon, the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia issued a statement saying that President Kais Saied had issued a presidential order regarding exceptional measures, including “continuing to suspend all the competencies of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, continuing to lift the parliamentary immunity of all its members, and putting an end to all grants and privileges granted to the Speaker of the Assembly.” Representatives of the people and its members,” as well as “measures for the exercise of legislative power, and measures for the exercise of executive power.”

Saeed decided to “continue to work with the constitution, chapters one and two of it, and all constitutional provisions that do not conflict with these exceptional measures, in addition to abolishing the temporary authority to monitor the constitutionality of laws.”

The statement pointed out that “the President of the Republic has taken over the preparation of draft amendments related to political reforms, with the help of a committee organized by presidential order.”

Commenting on this, Mona Karim Al-Daridi, a professor of constitutional law and an expert in parliamentary affairs, said in a statement to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “We came out of the exceptional situation and entered an arbitrary situation where there is no adaptation or description of the situation that corresponds to the constitutional situation that Tunisia is experiencing now.” .

She stressed, “We are facing a state of deviation from legitimacy and the constitution, and it is understood from the exceptional measures issued today that the door of the legislative authority, the executive authority and the temporary body for the constitutionality of bills will be suspended… in exchange for maintaining the preamble and the first and second chapters related to general principles, rights and freedoms,” she said. The rest of the chapters related to the judiciary, constitutional bodies and local authority shall not be affected, given that exceptional measures were not allocated for their suspension and compensation.

Al-Daridi asked about “the content of the presidential orders that include measures for the legislative and executive authorities and how to prepare them,” adding: “We have left the stage of state institutions to the stage of a single individual who brings together all powers.”

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