Hair care .. 5 tips for choosing the right shampoo “use it in small quantities only”

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A hair care routine is something one has to follow diligently, and it is normal to feel lazy from time to time, but it is also necessary for one to understand and follow the style that suits their hair, as most people wash their hair at least once a week, not many know the right way To wash hair with shampoo.

Using shampoo is one of the most important steps in a hair care routine, so knowing some facts and knowing how to do it right is crucial.the indian expressSome tips that will help you when using shampoo for effective care of evil:

1. The shampoo is for scalp cleansing only

The shampoo is for the scalp only, not the hair, and is supposed to be massaged into the scalp alone for 30 seconds or more depending on the intensity of the product, and remember that for even distribution and the best lather, your hair should be wet.

Scalp shampoo

2. Shampoo should be used in small quantities and diluted with water

If you don’t, it can cause excessive drying, using too much shampoo can damage your hair, and no matter the length of your hair, a coin-sized scoop is perfect for everyone.

3. The frequency of shampoo varies from person to person

Most of us shampoo once or twice a week, but depending on the texture of your hair and the nature of your scalp, you have to vary the frequency of the process, some may need to shampoo their hair every day and in this case, a mild shampoo is a must.

While some have their scalps that do not require regular shampooing, the frequency of washing will be important for growth and texture.

Frequent hair washing

4. There is no better shampoo

What works for another person may not work for you, and everyone’s hair is different. You have to find the shampoo that suits your hair according to its nature. A dermatologist can guide you regarding the condition of your scalp and the texture of your hair. Some may have a dry scalp and some may have an oily scalp. Therefore, choosing the right shampoo will work wonders.

hair wash

5. Tying wet hair with a towel causes it to break

Once you have finished washing your hair, you should also think about the drying part. Carelessly tying your hair with a tight towel can cause damage and breakage. One of the best ways to dry your hair is to use a cotton towel or T-shirt, its soft texture will not cause any damage.


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