A study reveals 5 ways to maintain youth, including taking fish oil

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publish date 2021-09-23 08:51:11

Many seek to search for vitamins, creams and oils that maintain a bright youthful appearance, and combat aging and its symptoms.

Experts advise many ways to maintain health and youth, and the “It Zeith” website lists the most prominent and useful of these methods:

1- Fish oil:
Studies have proven that fish oil (omega-3) improves heart rate, increases good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and triglycerides, and fish oil is a good alternative to fish, as the World Health Organization recommends eating one or two servings of fish per week.

2- Sauna rooms or steam rooms.
Sauna enhances the effect of exercise, and a study confirmed that sauna increases serum levels of HSP72 (heat shock protein), which may lead to a beneficial adaptive response to stress.

3- Vitamin C fat tablets:

Vitamin “C” fatty tablets have anti-aging effects, as they are able to move to the digestive system through the bloodstream, where the body can absorb it more easily than vitamin “C”. In addition, experts emphasize the benefits of vitamin “C” for the skin.

4- Hemp seeds:
Experts consider hemp seeds the secret anti-aging that the Chinese use to maintain bright skin and youth that does not wither, and a study in the Journal of “Nutrition and Metabolism” confirmed that hemp seeds contain vitamin “E”, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, amino acids, and a number of essential minerals. They also contain arginine, an amino acid that loses fat, builds muscle metabolism, boosts immunity, and reduces cardiovascular disease.

5- Sesame oil:

The Mayflower Inn & Spa Foundation confirmed that sesame oil is very beneficial for the skin, and they advised applying it to the skin of the entire body, as it stimulates the body’s blood circulation, moisturizes the skin, and gives it a healthy glow, as it naturally gets rid of dead skin cells.

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