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The pioneers of social networking sites shared a funny video of a young child, no more than two years old, who dealt in a funny way with an attempt to compel him to wear a muzzle, for fear of an outbreak of Corona infection, but the child refused to wear the muzzle and tried to remove it from his face, but the muzzle remained adhesive to his face.

It turned out that the incident concerned an American child who was in a nursery, and he repeatedly tried to remove the muzzle from his face, when forcing him to wear it, and his attempts to remove the muzzle failed, when he tried hard to remove it in vain and each time it covered part of his face such as his eyes or forehead, and the mask straps were attached With his ears, according to what was reported by Sputnik.

The child is angry at the mask

The child takes off the mask
The child takes off the mask

And the Arkansas State Hospital, in the United States of America, had received a 4-year-old child, who suffered from stuttering and the inability to speak due to rare complications due to his infection with the Corona virus, according to a report published in the Daily Star newspaper.

The child is angry at the muzzle very much
The child is angry at the muzzle very much

The report revealed that the child “Little Rodgers” suffered from very serious complications after being infected with the virus, the most important of which was suffering from severe breathing difficulties that led to his complete speech impairment, in light of the high curve of infections due to the new strain that appeared recently in Britain.

Rodgers was infected with the virus on January 8, and also suffered from multiple syndrome, which has become a common symptom for many affected children, which results in skin rashes, inflammation of the organs, neurological problems, as well as long-term heart problems.


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