Ways to prevent morning headaches

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publish date 2021-09-21 15:54:56

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Neurologist Diana Shestopalova talked about ways to prevent morning headaches.

The causes of regular headaches after waking up are very large: from inconvenience to serious illness, to reduce the risk of pain in the morning, Diana recommended modifying some habits.

First of all, you should give up bad habits, including food. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fatty fried foods, as well as sweets and spicy foods. It is also important to eat dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

The doctor recommends exercising and not neglecting relaxation methods. Yoga, dancing, jogging, massage, meditation and walking in the fresh air are especially effective.

The expert also advises to adhere to the rules for the use of technological gadgets: limit the use of gadgets and watch TV before bed, and when working at the computer, rest for 15 minutes every hour.

In addition, she warned that if all conditions are met and the headache does not stop in the morning, and is also accompanied by vomiting, darkening of the eyes and pain in the heart, it is necessary to consult a doctor urgently.

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