Foods you should eat in the fall to avoid vitamin D deficiency

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Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your diet. As you age, vitamin D is essential to maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. But what foods contain high levels of vitamin D?

Our bodies normally produce vitamin D from sunlight; In winter, there is not enough sunlight for this. If you’re over 65, you’re at an increased risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency this winter. While a deficiency of this vitamin may be most commonly associated with rickets in children, did you know that adults can also develop bone defects due to a vitamin D deficiency?

Adults can develop a painful bone condition called osteomalacia due to a vitamin D deficiency.

fatty fish

Fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines are great and delicious sources of vitamin D. A can of sardines contains about 20 percent of the RDA for vitamin D.


Egg yolk is not only the color of sunlight, but also contains high levels of vitamin D.


Did you know that mushrooms are the only natural plant form of Vitamin D? Like humans, mushrooms make vitamin D from sunlight.

fortified foods

One really easy way to replenish your vitamin D stores is to choose foods that contain the vitamin. Check your favorite cereal box and see if it’s fortified with extra vitamin D.

Supplementation can also be a convenient way to get your daily vitamin D requirements.

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