Do we have to wash meat before cooking it?

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publish date 2021-09-21 16:09:55

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There are risks involved in handling raw meat and poultry, so it is important to thoroughly wash dishes, cutting boards, and surfaces on which these foods are located, but what about the meat itself? Should it be washed before cooking?

“When it comes to vegetables, washing helps get rid of the remaining sand or dirt,” Anya Hill’s nutritionist replied. “This reduces the number of microbes on the surface, but when it comes to meat and poultry, it’s quite different.”

She stressed that washing meat and poultry is not worth it, as this increases the risk of bacteria spreading in the kitchen and the body of the cook. It is safe to cook meat directly from the package because factories have systems that prevent the growth of bacteria.

Hill emphasized that it was far more important to cook meat at an appropriate temperature, as this would eliminate any foodborne illness. So chicken should be cooked to 74 degrees Celsius, beef and lamb to 63 degrees, and ground beef is safe to eat at 71 degrees.

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