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Al-Bashir hospitals need about 700 nurses to “compensate for the shortage” inside them

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publish date 2021-09-21 21:27:40

The current director of Al-Bashir Hospitals, Ali Al-Abdallat, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the hospitals need to “compensate for the shortage” in the nursing department is about 700 male and female nurses.

Al-Abdallat explained to the Voice of the Kingdom program, that “hospitals suffer from a shortage of doctors with qualitative specializations, nursing and administrative cadres, and support service staff … and this was presented in the meeting, which included security and the assistant for hospital affairs, in addition to directors of Al-Bashir hospitals and heads of medical departments.”

The director of Al-Bashir Hospitals, Abdul-Manea Al-Sulaimat, agreed with what Al-Abdallat said about the hospitals’ need for nursing staff, but he gave a lower number.

He said that Al-Bashir’s hospitals “need 650 nurses,” noting that the “disagreement” with the Ministry of Health over the lack of response to the demands to provide the hospital with cadres.

On Tuesday, Minister of Health Firas Al-Hawari decided to assign Al-Abdallat to run Al-Bashir Hospitals, succeeding Al-Sulaimat, whose assignment was terminated from the position he took over 6 months ago at his request.

Al-Sulaimat explained that “there are several accumulations of resignation, the first of which was the failure to respond to the requests of medical personnel, especially nursing, in addition to the fact that Minister of Health Firas Al-Hawari made “fatal decisions” regarding Al-Bashir hospitals “without consulting or consulting or the hospital administration’s participation in them.”

“The dispute is not personal with the Minister of Health … The dispute is about our request for cadres due to the pressure at work in Al-Bashir hospitals and there is a lack of response,” according to Al-Sulaimat, who said: “Over the past months, we have been demanding that we be provided with cadres due to the shortage … and the Ministry of Health is the one who conducted the study and saw We need 650 nurses.”

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