France closes an Islamic publishing house

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publish date 2021-09-18 08:58:25

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanian announced that measures have been taken to shut down the “Nawa” publishing house in the Ariège region, in the southwest of the country, on suspicion of being linked to “separatist activities that contradict Western values.”

On Friday, Darmanian said in a tweet he posted on Twitter: “Measures to close an Islamic publishing house have begun, due to its publication of works that legalize jihad.”

The Minister of Interior stated that the necessary measures were taken to freeze the publishing house’s assets and arrest the publishers.

He pointed out that “the house was linked to the jihadists, and was working to spread ideas that contradict Western values,” as he put it.

On July 23, the French National Assembly (Parliament) adopted the controversial “Principles of Strengthening Respect for the Values ​​of the Republic” bill, which was first defined as “the fight against separatist Islam.”

The law faces criticism for targeting Muslims in France and imposing restrictions on all aspects of their lives.

The law provides for the supervision of mosques and the associations responsible for their management, and for the financing of Muslim civil organizations.

It also imposes restrictions on the freedom of families to provide education for their children at home, in countries where headscarves are prohibited in pre-university education institutions.


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