France..An investigation has been opened against an extremist news site that collects information about Muslims

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publish date 2021-09-18 09:00:59

The French authorities have opened an investigation against an extremist news site that collects information and includes it on suspicious lists about Muslims and their sympathizers, including Anatolian reporter Fayza bin Mohammed.

According to the Anatolia correspondent, journalist Taha Bou Hafs exposed the “Fdesouche” website through a tweet on Twitter last August.

Journalist Bu Hafs explained that he noticed that the aforementioned website searched (collecting and categorizing information) more than 300 names of Muslims and those close to them or those called “Islamist-leftists”, including the journalist himself.

According to the reporter, the website classified the names based on religion, profession and political position, including the Anatolian correspondent in French, Fayza bin Muhammad.

He added that the French National Informatics and Liberties Authority had opened an investigation into the case.


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