A vote on Lebanon’s Mikati government on Monday..and Hezbollah supports it

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publish date 2021-09-17 19:18:36

The Lebanese parliament will vote on confidence in the government of Najib Mikati, on Monday, after discussing the ministerial statement, at the UNESCO Palace in the capital, Beirut.

This came according to a statement by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, reported by the official news agency, on Friday.

Berri said, “The House of Representatives will discuss the ministerial statement and vote on granting confidence to the government, in a session next Monday.”

And last Thursday, the new government headed by Najib Mikati announced the approval of the ministerial statement, which included its plan of action during the coming period, to be presented to Parliament to gain confidence.

Information Minister George Kordahi said in a statement to reporters after a ministerial session in Beirut; The government approved the ministerial statement, and called it the slogan “Together to the Rescue.”

A week ago, the Lebanese government headed by Mikati was formed, after 13 months of stumbling due to political differences.

Earlier, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah welcomed the formation of the Lebanese government, more than a year after the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government, following the explosion of the Beirut port in August last year.

Nasrallah called for giving the government “confidence as soon as possible.”

And he said in a televised speech last Monday evening: “We have always sincerely called for its formation, and we thank everyone who contributed, accomplished and helped in the formation. We also thank the former Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, who worked throughout the caretaker period for a full year, as were the ministers.

Nasrallah pointed out, in a speech broadcast by the party’s Al-Manar TV, that the party “looks forward to a government that will rescue and reform and give priority to alleviating the suffering of the people; Because the country is in the midst of collapse,” he said, adding that the party supports “preparing for parliamentary and municipal elections and holding them on time.”

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